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[AA difficulty, c.21:00] “For some time I have been interested in creating music that embraces world concepts, primarily and perhaps simply because I like many aspects of musics from other cultures in addition to the music of my Western European upbringing. Beyond that, however, I’m interested in producing a style that is somewhat universal in impression without copying or poorly imitating musical practices of other cultures. And being an American composer during these times [1990s] seems particularly relevant to the challenge. Thus, in this concerto, a pentatonic or 5-note scale (the scale type used more than any other by cultures throughout the world) is the pitch source; simultaneous variations (non-Western) and chordal progression (Western) are companion textures; passages using few pitches over an extended period of time (non-Western) are contrasted with passages using many pitches (Western); and so on. All of this is placed within traditional Western structures:  Variations and Hymn, Rondo, and Fugue. The concerto received second prize at the Coups de Vents international wind band music competition held in Le Havre, France, in 1994. 



San José State University Wind Ensemble
Dr. Edward C. Harris, conductor
Dr. Neil Rutman, piano



Publisher: HBH Publishing