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[C difficulty, c.4:30] March for Timpani and Brass was written for Bonnie Lynn Adelson when she was a timpanist at Castro Valley High School in Castro Valley, California.  She went on to study at Julliard and became the first woman percussionist in Europe where she played in the Luxembourg Radio and Television Orchestra. When I composed the work, I was an elementary school instrumental teacher and thought that it would be effective to introduce parents and children to traditional instruments through performances by high school students who had gone through this elementary instrumental program. The composition begins in a modal setting (Phrygian), and makes use of fourths and fifths along with parallel triads in a fanfare, march-like setting that includes a timpani cadenza.  The piece has been performed throughout the United States and Europe and was produced for European television with Bonnie as soloist.  That video is seen here.


Luxembourg Radio and Television Symphony Orchestra
Trumpet and Trombone Sections
Bonnie-Lynn Adelson, timpani

Publisher: HBH Publishing